What’s New

What’s New

For 2023 I have started a new, year long project.  I will be visiting our local community woodland and will be photographing different elements within that woodland.  I hope to include a variety of things – trees as you may not have seen them, woodland plants and flowers, and hopefully, some of the woodland residents.  But that will depend on what appears during the year.  It will also allow us to see how the woodland changes in each of the passing seasons.

Please come back to the Maryburgh Community Woodland Collection page as I intend updating it throughout the seasons. 

Website Changes

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From December 2022 we will be incorporating an online shop on this website.  This will allow you to visit the “Shop” page and order your products directly from that page.  The shop is provided by Pixels.com who will be supplying all the products.  If you still want to order from Redbubble, we will still have links to that shop on our “Products” page.

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