Maryburgh Community Woodland Collection

Maryburgh Community Woodland Collection

Last autumn I was looking for a new photography project to start in the new year. I decided to use our local woodland – to chart the changes over the year.  Shortly after that the “For Sale by Auction” signs went up, with less than 4 weeks to the auction date.

On the 18 November 2022, the Maryburgh Community made the very happy announcement that they had purchased the woodland within Maryburgh and that it was going to be owned by the community. This will give the community control over the woodland development, and will enable the community to ensure that it will remain a valuable resource for future generations.

For every item sold from the Maryburgh Community Woodland Collection, during 2023, I will donate 20% of my markup to the Community Woodland.

Please keep checking this page as this will be a year long project and I will be adding photographs as the year progresses.

You can also find out more about the woodland and my photos on the Maryburgh Community Woodland blogs.

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