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Wander with Willow

Ian playing xylophone and Willow inspecting it

Upper Reelig Glen

Willow looking at the Reelig Glen sign It’s me, Willow, I’ve been on another walk. To be honest, we nearly ended up in the wrong

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Waterfall at the head of the Fairy Glen

We Go In As A Pack

Bridge at the start of the Fairy Glen Hi folks, it’s me Willow again. I’ve been on another wander, so I thought I’d write all

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Looking west to snow covered mountains

Stop Press!

Looking west to snow covered mountains Hi, Willow here. Do you remember in my last blog entry I told you about the thinning of the

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Little Garve bridge with river flowing underneath it

2 Bridges & lots of water

River upstream of Silverbridge Water flowing under the bridge at Silverbridge Hello, Willow, the tripawd Labrador, here again. My hu-man and hu-mam are both resting

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A freshly dug hole

I’m Innocent

A freshly dug hole Hi, it’s me Willow, the tripawd Labrador, here again. You know that saying “if you’re in a hole, stop digging”? It’s

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Willow the fox red Labrador running off path

Hot and Very Muddy

Woodland view at Contin Normally my humum writes these blogs – but I decided I’m taking over today. Hello, it’s me, Willow, the 10 and

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Ian and Willow admiring the view

Loch Affric

Looking west from Loch Affric – at the right about the middle of the picture is Willows head We haven’t been up Loch Affric in

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Willow the fox red Labrador at the edge of the path - very muddy

A Remarkable Tale

Willow the Wonderdog As I’m sitting typing we’ve just had a thunderstorm. And the subject of this post is now lying fast asleep, without a

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This blog was originally published on:

21 August 2018

and subsequently modified on:  

2 February 2024