Although there were a few fungi fruits visible during the rest of the year they started to appear in any abundance from July onwards.  As it has been several years since I attempted to identify fungi I have decided that for this page I will be regularly posting composite images of each of the fungi I have seen within the woodland.  Who knows, this may prompt me to get the bags (to store each individual fungus), gloves (some of them may be poisonous) and paper (to take spore prints to aid identification) ready to identify the fungi in later years.

One thing that was really apparent as I was wandering through the woodland looking at the variety of fungi was how eaten they all were.  A couple of the fungi did have insects on them but I suspect that there are also mammals and birds eating them too.

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16 July 2023

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Photographed: 16 July 2023

10 fungi photographed on 16 July 2023
10 fungi photographed on 16 July 2023 - 2nd set of photographs
10 fungi photographed on 16 July 2023 - 3rd set of photographs
3 fungi photographed on 16 July 2023 - 4th set of photographs

Photographed: 23 July 2023

2 fungi photographed on 23 July 2023

Photographed: 30 July 2023

10 fungi photographed on 30 July 2023

Photographed: Weekend beginning 4 August 2023

12 fungi photographed on the weekend starting 4 August 2023

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16 July 2023