Community Woodland Project

Community Woodland Project

This is a photo of a beech tree growing out of the ground. However, we see that there has been soil erosion underneath the tree and the roots that are growing down into the ground have been exposed for a section.

Interesting Items

As I’m wandering through the woodland I am continually finding new and interesting things.  Some reflect human impacts on the woods, others the impacts of

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A woodland scene which is dominated by a large structure from the lower left of the photo to just above the centre of the photo. This structure was the trunk of a tree. At some point someone has taken a chainsaw and has cut two indentations into the log. The log has now decayed and is covered in mosses, grasses, lichen, ferns and even a tree sapling.

Different Habitats

It’s really interesting taking a walk through the woodland as you immediately come across different habitats.  I’ll be looking at the two main habitats in

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A closeup photo of a patch of Fairy Inkcap fungi. These are pale brown and in some of them towards the left of the photo you can see they have started to break down and are turning slightly black. All over the surface of the cap are deep grooves running from top to bottom.

The Natives

This blog entry will be updated during the year as plants come into season. This page was last modified on:   Rowan Flowers All the rowan

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This photo shows an overview of the woodland alongside some of the surrounding housing estates. The map has several icons eg flowers, walking people, tree icons which are all points where I am referring to something in my blogs.


I thought I’d include a page with a very large map to give a good overall view of the woodland.  If you click on the

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This photo shows a clump of oblong green leaves with a prominent centre spine. There are several 5 petalled blueish flowers with large petals. In the inset at the to right hand corner is a closeup image of the periwinkle flower.

Alien Invaders

As the season continues I’ll be adding to this page as new plants appear This blog entry was last modified on:   As I’ve been wandering

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A winter woodland scene of several very large trees. In the centre is a tree which has a large wound and is missing large patches of bark. There is no tag on this tree.

Goodbye Old Friends

Before the community purchased the woodland they had to have a safety survey carried out.  This was carried out by A & R Woodland Consultants

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Despite this photograph being taken in our winter this tree was covered in catkins. In the background we see the round of unfocussed catkins while those in the foreground are in focus. This gives depth to the image. At the bottom is the text Catkins by and the AP logo.

A Winter Woodland Wander

Despite it being February it is still a lovely winters day.  Just lovely for a wander through the woodland with my camera.  We often think

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A photo of a pavement bounded on the left hand side with a grass bank with autumn coloured trees behind. The woodland stretches into the distance. There is a sign. The insert on the photo shows the sign says: For Sale By auction, Amenity Land 3.4ha (8.4ac) approx and contact details

A New Dawn

Last year I decided that I needed some focus (excuse the pun) to my photography. I thought I’d try something that I’ve been planning for

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