How It Developed

It all started with mountains and lochs, and trying to capture their stunning beauty. But, that wasn’t enough – studying geology made the structure of the landscape became important in my work. By the way, that’s my excuse for photographs showing layering, weathering and faultlines.

Following on from that, photographing other elements within nature was a natural progression.

Through my photography, Alternative Perspectives explores some of the different meanings of the word perspective. What initially started as a hobby, has organically grown into a business, initially through supplying stock agencies with photographs, and then latterly through the setup of an online shop.

A range of pouches, phone cases, cushions, mugs, clocks and clothing are now available using my original images often taken from an alternative perspective.

So Why Alternative Perspectives?

I didn’t want to be constrained by normal ideas (hence the Alternative) and Perspective can be about many different things:

  • a view over distance in space or time
  • how things are viewed relative to each other
  • a point of view
  • a judgement of what’s important (or not!)
  • the theory/art of suggesting 3 dimensions in a 2 dimension surface
  • I hope to start exploring those through this site.