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We have now activated our online store on RedBubble.  Please feel free to visit it either by clicking on the gallery, or by clicking on this link 

Alternatively, we have a small selection of products available on or  If you visit the Amazon Shop page you will see the range currently available.


22 September 2019CREW SOCKS - Available NOW

Crew socks are now available on our website. They are super soft and stretchy knit with reinforced toe and heel, with extra cushioning in the sole.

They come in one size and are designed to fit: men's US size 3.5-12, women's US size 5-14, UK size 4-11.5, EU size 36-46.  

Printed to allow ink to penetrate the yarn, so socks look great even when stretched

And best of all - they are machine washable

Come and check our the wide range of designs:


22 September 2019Bedspreads, Comforters, Quilts - Available NOW

Worldwide, there's lots of different names for these: Comforter, Bedspread, Quilt, Coverlet or Eiderdown.  They add an extra layer to your bedding allowing you to snuggle down and keep cozy.  They are made of 100% polyester fabric, with a 3/4 inch (2cm) polyester filling, in a double square quilted pattern.  Check out the wide variety of designs.


14 September 2019Bedspreads/Quilt/Eiderdown/Comforter/Coverlets - COMING SOON

Depending on your geography and how many grandchildren you have, Comforters are also known as a bedspreads, quilts, coverlets or eiderdowns. They’re the extra cozy layer you need on cold nights. Comforters are made of 100% polyester fabric with a 3/4 inch (2cm) polyester filling, and double square quilted pattern. They’re also machine washable so you can put them in with your socks.

The artwork is printed in vivid, full color on the front, and the back of the Comforter is white. They’re available in five sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen and King.

14 September 2019Crew Socks - COMING SOON

Socks are made from a super soft and stretchy knit with a reinforced toe and heel, and extra cushioning in the sole. They’re 75% polyester, 22% nylon, 3% elastane and machine washable.

They’re printed using a seamless  360 printing process. Google ‘seamless 360 sock printing’ for an idea of how it works. It’s pretty neat. The printing process also allows the ink to penetrate the yarn, avoiding white lines and print distortion, so your designs will look great even when stretched.

Socks come in one size which has four different names because universal sock size naming isn’t a thing. They’re equivalent to:

Men’s US size 3.5 – 12
Women’s US size 5 – 14
UK size 4 – 11.5
EU size 36 – 46

Socks are a ‘crew’ style. They’re stretchy when worn, but if you want to get a sense of how long they are, here are the length dimensions:

Heel/ankle-to-cuff = 18.5cm
Toe-to-heel/ankle = 16.5 cm

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