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Alternative Perspectives Photography

Perspective can be about many different things:

  • a view over distance in space or time
  • how things are viewed relative to each other
  • a point of view
  • a judgement of what's important (or not!)
  • the theory/art of suggesting 3 dimensions in a 2 dimension surface

a black background containing 5 images of a black labrador dog..

fantasy image: willow is now in wonderland.  the earth is burning up and the survival pods have been launched.  willow the wanderer sits on her one.  the pods incorporate images from around scotland.

circle containing pictures of spring flowers.  the circle is split into segments, and each segment contains an aspect of the flowers.standing on the shores of loch shiel this looks down the length of the loch

a view of clashach cove showing the fault in the rocks and layering within the sandstone

at clava cairns and looking at a cairn and a standing stone

the scottish flag (a saltire) made up of scots words



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